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Affinity Workshop
Security, IP protection, Privacy on Federated Learning and Machine Learning Edge Devices
Mahdieh Grailoo
Can Querying for Bias Leak Protected Attributes? Achieving Privacy With Smooth Sensitivity
Faisal Hamman · Jiahao Chen · Sanghamitra Dutta
Tue 9:00 ConfounderGAN: Protecting Image Data Privacy with Causal Confounder
Qi Tian · Kun Kuang · Kelu Jiang · Furui Liu · Zhihua Wang · Fei Wu
ACIL: Analytic Class-Incremental Learning with Absolute Memorization and Privacy Protection
HUIPING ZHUANG · Zhenyu Weng · Hongxin Wei · RENCHUNZI XIE · Kar-Ann Toh · Zhiping Lin
Thu 14:00 SeqPATE: Differentially Private Text Generation via Knowledge Distillation
Zhiliang Tian · Yingxiu Zhao · Ziyue Huang · Yu-Xiang Wang · Nevin L. Zhang · He He