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Tue 9:00 Uplifting Bandits
Yu-Guan Hsieh · Shiva Kasiviswanathan · Branislav Kveton
Clairvoyant Regret Minimization: Equivalence with Nemirovski’s Conceptual Prox Method and Extension to General Convex Games
Gabriele Farina · Christian Kroer · Chung-Wei Lee · Haipeng Luo
Tiered Reinforcement Learning: Pessimism in the Face of Uncertainty and Constant Regret
Jiawei Huang · Li Zhao · Tao Qin · Wei Chen · Nan Jiang · Tie-Yan Liu
Wed 14:00 Near-Optimal Regret for Adversarial MDP with Delayed Bandit Feedback
Tiancheng Jin · Tal Lancewicki · Haipeng Luo · Yishay Mansour · Aviv Rosenberg
How and Why to Manipulate Your Own Agent: On the Incentives of Users of Learning Agents
Yoav Kolumbus · Noam Nisan
Thu 14:00 Efficient Phi-Regret Minimization in Extensive-Form Games via Online Mirror Descent
Yu Bai · Chi Jin · Song Mei · Ziang Song · Tiancheng Yu
Thu 9:00 IMED-RL: Regret optimal learning of ergodic Markov decision processes
Fabien Pesquerel · Odalric-Ambrym Maillard
Thu 14:00 Near-Optimal Goal-Oriented Reinforcement Learning in Non-Stationary Environments
Liyu Chen · Haipeng Luo