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A Vision for Certifiable Perception: from Outlier-Robust Estimation to Self-Supervised Learning - Luca Carlone & Rajat Talak
Hamidreza Kasaei
Tue 9:00 Outlier-Robust Sparse Mean Estimation for Heavy-Tailed Distributions
Ilias Diakonikolas · Daniel Kane · Jasper Lee · Ankit Pensia
Tue 9:00 Gradient Methods Provably Converge to Non-Robust Networks
Gal Vardi · Gilad Yehudai · Ohad Shamir
SNN-RAT: Robustness-enhanced Spiking Neural Network through Regularized Adversarial Training
Jianhao Ding · Tong Bu · Zhaofei Yu · Tiejun Huang · Jian Liu
Shift-Robust Node Classification via Graph Clustering Co-training
Qi Zhu · Chao Zhang · Chanyoung Park · Carl Yang · Jiawei Han
NOSMOG: Learning Noise-robust and Structure-aware MLPs on Graphs
Yijun Tian · Chuxu Zhang · Zhichun Guo · Xiangliang Zhang · Nitesh Chawla
Wed 9:00 Online Bipartite Matching with Advice: Tight Robustness-Consistency Tradeoffs for the Two-Stage Model
Billy Jin · Will Ma
Tue 9:00 Outlier-Robust Sparse Estimation via Non-Convex Optimization
Yu Cheng · Ilias Diakonikolas · Rong Ge · Shivam Gupta · Daniel Kane · Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Can Adversarial Training Be Manipulated By Non-Robust Features?
Lue Tao · Lei Feng · Hongxin Wei · Jinfeng Yi · Sheng-Jun Huang · Songcan Chen
Tue 9:00 Evaluating Latent Space Robustness and Uncertainty of EEG-ML Models under Realistic Distribution Shifts
Neeraj Wagh · Jionghao Wei · Samarth Rawal · Brent M Berry · Yogatheesan Varatharajah
Tue 9:00 Collaborative Linear Bandits with Adversarial Agents: Near-Optimal Regret Bounds
Aritra Mitra · Arman Adibi · George J. Pappas · Hamed Hassani
Mon 11:00 Incentive-Aware Machine Learning: A Tale of Robustness, Fairness, Improvement, and Performativity
Chara Podimata