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Uncertainty quantification methods for ML-based surrogate models of scientific applications
Kishore Basu · Yujia Hao · Delphine Hintz · Dev Shah · Aaron Palmer · Gurpreet Singh Hora · Darian Nwankwo · Laurent White
Tue 9:00 Self-explaining deep models with logic rule reasoning
Seungeon Lee · Xiting Wang · Sungwon Han · Xiaoyuan Yi · Xing Xie · Meeyoung Cha
Affinity Workshop
The use of Region-based Convolutional Neural Network Model for Analysing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing
Esther Oduntan
Model-Based Opponent Modeling
XiaoPeng Yu · Jiechuan Jiang · Wanpeng Zhang · Haobin Jiang · Zongqing Lu
Affinity Workshop
Mon 12:35 Invited talk (Dr Hima Lakkaraju) - "A Brief History of Explainable AI: From Simple Rules to Large Pretrained Models"
Himabindu Lakkaraju
Tue 9:00 A Unified Framework for Alternating Offline Model Training and Policy Learning
Shentao Yang · Shujian Zhang · Yihao Feng · Mingyuan Zhou
Tue 9:00 WeightedSHAP: analyzing and improving Shapley based feature attributions
Yongchan Kwon · James Zou
Tue 14:00 Tempo: Accelerating Transformer-Based Model Training through Memory Footprint Reduction
Muralidhar Andoorveedu · Zhanda Zhu · Bojian Zheng · Gennady Pekhimenko