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Affinity Workshop
Motor Imagery ECoG Signal Classification With Optimal Selection Of Minimum Electrodes
Tuga Yousif · Shubham Kumar · Ruoqi Huang
Bayesian subset selection and variable importance for interpretable prediction and classification
Daniel R. Kowal
A Hybrid Classifier with Diverse Features Selected from Feature Sets Extracted by Machine Learning Models for Image Classification
Luna Zhang
Expert Selection in Distributed Gaussian Processes: A Multi-label Classification Approach
Hamed Jalali · Gjergji Kasneci
Bounded logit attention: Learning to explain image classifiers
Thomas Baumhauer · Djordje Slijepcevic · Matthias Zeppelzauer
Graph Neural Networks for Selection of Preconditioners and Krylov Solvers
Ziyuan Tang · Hong Zhang · Jie Chen
Thu 9:00 MaskTune: Mitigating Spurious Correlations by Forcing to Explore
Saeid Asgari · Aliasghar Khani · Fereshte Khani · Ali Gholami · Linh Tran · Ali Mahdavi Amiri · Ghassan Hamarneh
Alleviating the Sample Selection Bias in Few-shot Learning by Removing Projection to the Centroid
Jing Xu · Xu Luo · Xinglin Pan · Yanan Li · Wenjie Pei · Zenglin Xu