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Wed 9:00 One Positive Label is Sufficient: Single-Positive Multi-Label Learning with Label Enhancement
Ning Xu · Congyu Qiao · Jiaqi Lv · Xin Geng · Min-Ling Zhang
Thu 14:00 Label-Aware Global Consistency for Multi-Label Learning with Single Positive Labels
Ming-Kun Xie · Jiahao Xiao · Sheng-Jun Huang
Wed 14:00 Mining Multi-Label Samples from Single Positive Labels
Youngin Cho · Daejin Kim · MOHAMMAD AZAM KHAN · Jaegul Choo
Tue 17:45 Panel 2B-2: One Positive Label… & Calibrated Data-Dependent Constraints…
Songkai Xue · Ning Xu
Box Prediction Rebalancing for Training Single-Stage Object Detectors with Partially Labeled Data
Shafin Haque · R. Austin McEver
GLINKX: A Unified Framework for Large-scale Homophilous and Heterophilous Graphs
Marios Papachristou · Rishab Goel · Frank Portman · Matthew Miller · Rong Jin