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Tue 14:00 Social-Inverse: Inverse Decision-making of Social Contagion Management with Task Migrations
Guangmo Tong
[Re] Reproducibility Report: Contrastive Learning of Socially-aware Motion Representations
Roopsa Sen · Sidharth Sinha · Animesh Jha · Parv Maheshwari
Tue 16:00 Ethics Review - Open Discussion
Deborah Raji · William Isaac · Cherie Poland · Alexandra Luccioni
Thu 16:00 Social
Wed 16:00 Gulf Coast AI
Nicholas Mattei
Wed 16:00 Social
Wed 16:00 Social
Sat 10:30 BigScience: A Case Study in the Social Construction of a Multilingual Large Language Model
Christopher Akiki · Giada Pistilli · Margot Mieskes · Matthias GallĂ© · Thomas Wolf · Suzana Ilic · Yacine Jernite
Thu 16:00 Negotiation Workshop: Feel More Confident Negotiating Your Next Offer in AI
Nicole Bannon
Wed 16:00 From Old Biases to New Opportunities: Annotator Empowerment and Data Excellence
Amina Abieva
Wed 16:00 Early-Career Researchers Interested in ML & Climate Change
Sigrid Passano Hellan · Tiffany Vlaar
Tue 16:00 ML Safety NeurIPS Social
David Krueger · Orpheus Lummis · Joshua Clymer