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Affinity Workshop
Preliminary Study for Impact of Social Media Networks on Traffic Prediction
Valeria Laynes Fiascunari · Luis Rabelo
Socially Responsible Reasoning with Large Language Models and The Impact of Proper Nouns
Sumit Jha · Rickard Ewetz · Alvaro Velasquez · Susmit Jha
Tue 14:00 Second Thoughts are Best: Learning to Re-Align With Human Values from Text Edits
Ruibo Liu · Chenyan Jia · Ge Zhang · Ziyu Zhuang · Tony Liu · Soroush Vosoughi
Wed 9:00 OpenFilter: A Framework to Democratize Research Access to Social Media AR Filters
Piera Riccio · Bill Psomas · Francesco Galati · Francisco Escolano · Thomas Hofmann · Nuria Oliver
Sat 9:15 DSN’s Multi-stakeholder, Inclusive and Integrated Collaboration Framework for Sustainable Social Impact Research and Innovation in emerging market.
Olubayo Adekanmbi · Oluwatoyin Adekanmbi
Tue 14:00 Anticipating Performativity by Predicting from Predictions
Celestine Mendler-Dünner · Frances Ding · Yixin Wang