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Thu 14:00 Spectral Bias Outside the Training Set for Deep Networks in the Kernel Regime
Benjamin Bowman · Guido Montufar
Wed 14:00 On the Spectral Bias of Convolutional Neural Tangent and Gaussian Process Kernels
Amnon Geifman · Meirav Galun · David Jacobs · Basri Ronen
Wed 14:00 Extrapolation and Spectral Bias of Neural Nets with Hadamard Product: a Polynomial Net Study
Yongtao Wu · Zhenyu Zhu · Fanghui Liu · Grigorios Chrysos · Volkan Cevher
Tue 9:00 Spectral Bias in Practice: The Role of Function Frequency in Generalization
Sara Fridovich-Keil · Raphael Gontijo Lopes · Rebecca Roelofs