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Affinity Workshop
Towards Effective Speech-based AI in the Classroom: The Case of AAE-Speaking Children
Alexander Johnson · Abeer Alwan · Alison Bailey · Robin Morris · Julie Washington · Mari Ostendorf
Dict-TTS: Learning to Pronounce with Prior Dictionary Knowledge for Text-to-Speech
Ziyue Jiang · Zhe Su · Zhou Zhao · Qian Yang · Yi Ren · Jinglin Liu · 振辉 叶
Wed 9:00 HierSpeech: Bridging the Gap between Text and Speech by Hierarchical Variational Inference using Self-supervised Representations for Speech Synthesis
Sang-Hoon Lee · Seung-Bin Kim · Ji-Hyun Lee · Eunwoo Song · Min-Jae Hwang · Seong-Whan Lee
Affinity Workshop
Mon 14:00 Towards Effective Speech-based AI in the Classroom: The Case of AAE-Speaking Children
Alexander Johnson
Audio-Driven Co-Speech Gesture Video Generation
Xian Liu · Qianyi Wu · Hang Zhou · Yuanqi Du · Wayne Wu · Dahua Lin · Ziwei Liu
GenerSpeech: Towards Style Transfer for Generalizable Out-Of-Domain Text-to-Speech
Rongjie Huang · Yi Ren · Jinglin Liu · Chenye Cui · Zhou Zhao
Wed 5:00 Second AmericasNLP Competition: Speech-to-Text Translation for Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Manuel Mager · Katharina Kann · Abteen Ebrahimi · Félix Arturo Oncevay Marcos · Rodolfo Joel Zevallos Salazar · Adam Wiemerslage · Pavel Denisov · John E. Ortega · Kristine Stenzel · Aldo Alvarez · Luis Chiruzzo · Rolando Coto-Solano · Hilaria Cruz · Sofía Flores-Solórzano · Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz · Alexis Palmer · Thang Vu
Wed 14:00 u-HuBERT: Unified Mixed-Modal Speech Pretraining And Zero-Shot Transfer to Unlabeled Modality
Wei-Ning Hsu · Bowen Shi
Thu 9:00 Diagonal State Spaces are as Effective as Structured State Spaces
Ankit Gupta · Albert Gu · Jonathan Berant
Wed 9:00 Variable-rate hierarchical CPC leads to acoustic unit discovery in speech
Santiago Cuervo · Adrian Lancucki · Ricard Marxer · Paweł Rychlikowski · Jan Chorowski
Tue 9:00 VoiceBlock: Privacy through Real-Time Adversarial Attacks with Audio-to-Audio Models
Patrick O'Reilly · Andreas Bugler · Keshav Bhandari · Max Morrison · Bryan Pardo
Wed 14:00 Losses Can Be Blessings: Routing Self-Supervised Speech Representations Towards Efficient Multilingual and Multitask Speech Processing
Yonggan Fu · Yang Zhang · Kaizhi Qian · Zhifan Ye · Zhongzhi Yu · Cheng-I Jeff Lai · Celine Lin