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Wed 9:00 Invariant and Transportable Representations for Anti-Causal Domain Shifts
Yibo Jiang · Victor Veitch
Identifying Spurious Correlations and Correcting them with an Explanation-based Learning
Misgina Tsighe Hagos · Kathleen Curran · Brian Mac Namee
Wed 14:00 Adversarial Unlearning: Reducing Confidence Along Adversarial Directions
Amrith Setlur · Benjamin Eysenbach · Virginia Smith · Sergey Levine
Tue 14:00 Causally motivated multi-shortcut identification and removal
Jiayun Zheng · Maggie Makar
Thu 9:00 Explicit Tradeoffs between Adversarial and Natural Distributional Robustness
Mazda Moayeri · Kiarash Banihashem · Soheil Feizi
Tue 14:00 On Feature Learning in the Presence of Spurious Correlations
Pavel Izmailov · Polina Kirichenko · Nate Gruver · Andrew Wilson
Thu 14:00 When Does Group Invariant Learning Survive Spurious Correlations?
Yimeng Chen · Ruibin Xiong · Zhi-Ming Ma · Yanyan Lan
Affinity Workshop
Evaluating and Improving Robustness of Self-Supervised Representations to Spurious Correlations
Kimia Hamidieh · Haoran Zhang · Marzyeh Ghassemi
Probing Classifiers are Unreliable for Concept Removal and Detection
Abhinav Kumar · Chenhao Tan · Amit Sharma
Thu 9:00 Chroma-VAE: Mitigating Shortcut Learning with Generative Classifiers
Wanqian Yang · Polina Kirichenko · Micah Goldblum · Andrew Wilson
Thu 9:00 Learning Debiased Classifier with Biased Committee
Nayeong Kim · SEHYUN HWANG · Sungsoo Ahn · Jaesik Park · Suha Kwak
Wed 14:00 Learning Concept Credible Models for Mitigating Shortcuts
Jiaxuan Wang · Sarah Jabbour · Maggie Makar · Michael Sjoding · Jenna Wiens