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Scaling Marginalized Importance Sampling to High-Dimensional State-Spaces via State Abstraction
Brahma Pavse · Josiah Hanna
Enhancing Transfer of Reinforcement Learning Agents with Abstract Contextual Embeddings
Guy Azran · Mohamad Hosein Danesh · Stefano Albrecht · Sarah Keren
Tue 14:00 Planning to the Information Horizon of BAMDPs via Epistemic State Abstraction
Dilip Arumugam · Satinder Singh
Wed 9:00 A Direct Approximation of AIXI Using Logical State Abstractions
Samuel Yang-Zhao · Tianyu Wang · Kee Siong Ng
Tue 9:00 Learning Generalized Policy Automata for Relational Stochastic Shortest Path Problems
Rushang Karia · Rashmeet Kaur Nayyar · Siddharth Srivastava
Tue 9:00 Distributed Influence-Augmented Local Simulators for Parallel MARL in Large Networked Systems
Miguel Suau · Jinke He · Mustafa Mert Çelikok · Matthijs Spaan · Frans Oliehoek
Tue 9:00 Continuous MDP Homomorphisms and Homomorphic Policy Gradient
Sahand Rezaei-Shoshtari · Rosie Zhao · Prakash Panangaden · David Meger · Doina Precup