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Thu 9:00 SCONE: Surface Coverage Optimization in Unknown Environments by Volumetric Integration
Antoine Guedon · Pascal Monasse · Vincent Lepetit
Tue 9:00 Learning Consistency-Aware Unsigned Distance Functions Progressively from Raw Point Clouds
Junsheng Zhou · Baorui Ma · Yu-Shen Liu · Yi Fang · Zhizhong Han
Wed 14:00 HF-NeuS: Improved Surface Reconstruction Using High-Frequency Details
Yiqun Wang · Ivan Skorokhodov · Peter Wonka
Geo-Neus: Geometry-Consistent Neural Implicit Surfaces Learning for Multi-view Reconstruction
Qiancheng Fu · Qingshan Xu · Yew Soon Ong · Wenbing Tao
Thu 9:00 MonoSDF: Exploring Monocular Geometric Cues for Neural Implicit Surface Reconstruction
Zehao Yu · Songyou Peng · Michael Niemeyer · Torsten Sattler · Andreas Geiger
Thu 9:00 VisCo Grids: Surface Reconstruction with Viscosity and Coarea Grids
Albert Pumarola · Artsiom Sanakoyeu · Lior Yariv · Ali Thabet · Yaron Lipman
Neural Surface Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Monocular RGB-D Camera
Hongrui Cai · Wanquan Feng · Xuetao Feng · Yan Wang · Juyong Zhang