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Thu 9:00 OST: Improving Generalization of DeepFake Detection via One-Shot Test-Time Training
Liang Chen · Yong Zhang · Yibing Song · Jue Wang · Lingqiao Liu
Tue 9:00 Path Independent Equilibrium Models Can Better Exploit Test-Time Computation
Cem Anil · Ashwini Pokle · Kaiqu Liang · Johannes Treutlein · Yuhuai Wu · Shaojie Bai · J. Zico Kolter · Roger Grosse
Wed 9:00 Test-Time Training with Masked Autoencoders
Yossi Gandelsman · Yu Sun · Xinlei Chen · Alexei Efros
Tue 9:00 Renyi Differential Privacy of Propose-Test-Release and Applications to Private and Robust Machine Learning
Jiachen T. Wang · Saeed Mahloujifar · Shouda Wang · Ruoxi Jia · Prateek Mittal
Thu 9:00 Test-Time Prompt Tuning for Zero-Shot Generalization in Vision-Language Models
Manli Shu · Weili Nie · De-An Huang · Zhiding Yu · Tom Goldstein · Anima Anandkumar · Chaowei Xiao
Thu 9:00 Extrapolative Continuous-time Bayesian Neural Network for Fast Training-free Test-time Adaptation
Hengguan Huang · Xiangming Gu · Hao Wang · Chang Xiao · Hongfu Liu · Ye Wang
Leveraging Human Features at Test-Time
Isaac Lage · Sonali Parbhoo · Finale Doshi-Velez
Tue 14:00 Self-Supervised Aggregation of Diverse Experts for Test-Agnostic Long-Tailed Recognition
Yifan Zhang · Bryan Hooi · Lanqing Hong · Jiashi Feng
Thu 9:00 Meta-DMoE: Adapting to Domain Shift by Meta-Distillation from Mixture-of-Experts
Tao Zhong · Zhixiang Chi · Li Gu · Yang Wang · Yuanhao Yu · Jin Tang
Thu 9:00 NOTE: Robust Continual Test-time Adaptation Against Temporal Correlation
Taesik Gong · Jongheon Jeong · Taewon Kim · Yewon Kim · Jinwoo Shin · Sung-Ju Lee
Thu 14:00 Independence Testing-Based Approach to Causal Discovery under Measurement Error and Linear Non-Gaussian Models
Haoyue Dai · Peter Spirtes · Kun Zhang
Revisiting Realistic Test-Time Training: Sequential Inference and Adaptation by Anchored Clustering
Yongyi Su · Xun Xu · Kui Jia