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Optimal Complexity in Non-Convex Decentralized Learning over Time-Varying Networks
Xinmeng Huang · Kun Yuan
Wed 14:00 Discrete-Convex-Analysis-Based Framework for Warm-Starting Algorithms with Predictions
Shinsaku Sakaue · Taihei Oki
Wed 14:00 On the Sample Complexity of Stabilizing LTI Systems on a Single Trajectory
Yang Hu · Adam Wierman · Guannan Qu
Thu 9:00 Time-Conditioned Dances with Simplicial Complexes: Zigzag Filtration Curve based Supra-Hodge Convolution Networks for Time-series Forecasting
Yuzhou Chen · Yulia Gel · H. Vincent Poor
Affinity Workshop
Explaining complex system of multivariate times series behavior
Ikram Chraibi Kaadoud · Lina Fahed · Tian Tian · Yannis Haralambous · Philippe Lenca
Tue 14:00 Submodular Maximization in Clean Linear Time
Wenxin Li · Moran Feldman · Ehsan Kazemi · Amin Karbasi