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Tue 14:00 EF-BV: A Unified Theory of Error Feedback and Variance Reduction Mechanisms for Biased and Unbiased Compression in Distributed Optimization
Laurent Condat · Kai Yi · Peter Richtarik
Wed 14:00 Sharp Analysis of Stochastic Optimization under Global Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz Inequality
Ilyas Fatkhullin · Jalal Etesami · Niao He · Negar Kiyavash
Tue 9:00 SAGDA: Achieving $\mathcal{O}(\epsilon^{-2})$ Communication Complexity in Federated Min-Max Learning
Haibo Yang · Zhuqing Liu · Xin Zhang · Jia Liu
Thu 14:00 Stochastic Halpern Iteration with Variance Reduction for Stochastic Monotone Inclusions
Xufeng Cai · Chaobing Song · Cristóbal Guzmán · Jelena Diakonikolas
Thu 14:00 A framework for bilevel optimization that enables stochastic and global variance reduction algorithms
Mathieu Dagréou · Pierre Ablin · Samuel Vaiter · Thomas Moreau
Thu 14:00 Adaptive Stochastic Variance Reduction for Non-convex Finite-Sum Minimization
Ali Kavis · Stratis Skoulakis · Kimon Antonakopoulos · Leello Tadesse Dadi · Volkan Cevher