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Tue 9:00 A Closer Look at Weakly-Supervised Audio-Visual Source Localization
Shentong Mo · Pedro Morgado
Wed 9:00 Sound and Complete Causal Identification with Latent Variables Given Local Background Knowledge
Tian-Zuo Wang · Tian Qin · Zhi-Hua Zhou
Wed 9:00 AnimeRun: 2D Animation Visual Correspondence from Open Source 3D Movies
Li Siyao · Yuhang Li · Bo Li · Chao Dong · Ziwei Liu · Chen Change Loy
Wed 14:00 Learning Audio-Visual Dynamics Using Scene Graphs for Audio Source Separation
Moitreya Chatterjee · Narendra Ahuja · Anoop Cherian
Towards Effective Multi-Modal Interchanges in Zero-Resource Sounding Object Localization
Yang Zhao · Chen Zhang · Haifeng Huang · Haoyuan Li · Zhou Zhao
Thu 14:00 VICRegL: Self-Supervised Learning of Local Visual Features
Adrien Bardes · Jean Ponce · Yann LeCun