Expo Demonstration

Medical transcription involves the use of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology that is able to understand key medical terminology from audio formats and is able to convert it into text. Moreover, to understand what’s clinically relevant in these transcripts, it’s important to integrate the ASR engine with a natural language processing engine that is able to extract medical terminology. In this demo, we will introduce the audience to two services from AWS specifically designed for the medical domain: 1. Amazon Transcribe Medical: A dedicate Speech to Text service that understands medical terminology in audio files and converts them into text. 2. Amazon Comprehend Medical: A natural language processing service that extracts key medical entities and ontologies from free form clinical text. The demonstrated solution will integrate these two services to create a medical transcription analysis pipeline. The pipeline is able to process medical transcriptions and extract key medical entities from them. The solution will show how these entities can then be summarized into a report for sharing or storage.

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