Test of Time Award

HOGWILD!: A Lock-Free Approach to Parallelizing Stochastic Gradient.
Descent published in NeurIPS 2011
by Benjamin Recht, Christopher Re, Stephen Wright, Feng Niu

Best Paper Awards

Improved Guarantees and a Multiple-Descent Curve for Column Subset Selection and the Nyström Method.
by Michał Dereziński, Rajiv Khanna, Michael W. Mahoney

Language Models are Few-Shot Learners.
by Tom Brown, Benjamin Mann, Nick Ryder, Melanie Subbiah, Jared Kaplan and 26 others

No-Regret Learning Dynamics for Extensive-Form Correlated Equilibrium.
by Andrea Celli, Alberto Marchesi, Gabriele Farina, Nicola Gatti