Expo Workshop
Room 293

You'll hear our team's story of building and launching text-to-pokemon, a fine-tuned stable diffusion model that has generated millions pokemon-like images. And to top it off, it only cost $$10 to train.
Join the hands-on active training and we'll walk you through, step by step, how to fine-tune stable diffusion to generate unique target-specific results like text-to-pokemon and DreamBooth. To get the most out of this training, we suggest that you already come with a basic understanding of, and familiarity with, training or fine-tuning models using PyTorch or TensorFlow. We'll then show you how to get cost-efficient cloud GPU resources and walk you through the steps of fine-tuning the models.
Active Training Contributors:
Justin Pinkney [Contributing] - Senior Machine Learning Researcher - Lambda - Creator of the text-to-pokemon fine tuned stable diffusion model.
Chuan Li [Attending] - Chief Scientific Officer - Lambda - Creator of CNNMRF and Co-author of Hologan.
Stephen Balaban [Attending] - CEO - Lambda - Co-founder of Lambda.