Yuxi Li · Omer Gottesman · Niranjani Prasad

[ Room 392 ]

The purpose of this social is to provide an opportunity for the researchers in the RL community, both young and senior, and from both industry and academia to interact, meet each other and exchange ideas. In particular, we the organizers will invite RL experts from the many sub-areas of RL to attend and provide younger researchers with the opportunity to meet them and discuss any topics which might be of interest in their research and career.

Jodie Hughes

[ Room 391 ]

The NeurIPS 2022 Space & ML social will kick off with an opening lighting round of callbacks, where guests can make their brief case for the potential of ML on (but not limited to) areas such as the following: climate change (predicting wildfires, preventing floods), space exploration, early event detection and situational awareness, fairness and equity in algorithmic decision-making, or open-source science. Following this lightning round, we will organize a social experience for attendees to meet each other and foster co-opetition (cooperative competition) in a space pub quiz, with special guests from our space industry partners (NASA, US Department of Energy, ESA, Australia Space Agency, etc).

David Krueger · Orpheus Lummis · Joshua Clymer

[ Room 394 ]

As ML systems increase in capabilities and integration in society, their safety and alignment grow in importance. We welcome participants interested in or working on AI safety topics for a semi-structured social meetup at NeurIPS 2022. Meet peers who may have read your papers or authors you've read, and build new friendships and collaboration opportunities. We recommend using Swapcard, to request one-one-one meetings with other attendants. Example topics include "Establishing trust in advanced AI systems," "Concrete Threat Models," and "AI Governance and Policy", "Model interpretability", ...

Deborah Raji · William Isaac · Cherie Poland · Alexandra Luccioni

[ Room 395 ]

Ethical review has become an intrinsic part of the NeurIPS review process, but many unanswered question remain around topics such as: the role of ethics review; current and potential future ethical issues (consent, privacy, copyright); ethics awareness/visibility (e.g. how to help technical reviewers with access to resources to adequately flag ethical issues in papers), etc. We will start the townhall with a brief panel discussions and then open up the floor to community input/feedback and answer any questions that audience members will have.

Nicholas Mattei

[ Room 393 ]

NeurIPS 2022 is happening in New Orleans, one of the hearts of the Gulf Coast region and a vibrant area for AI research and application. The goal of this social is to provide a forum and opportunity to raise awareness about the work happening in the region, including the unique and pressing challenges where AI/ML/DS research can have impact including coastal, climate, logistics, and materials. And also, a fun and interactive forum for participants to discuss these challenges and socialize within the broader NeurIPS community. We will gather for drinks and an interactive program where we will hear from a panel of both AI researchers and others working in key industries along the Gulf Coast. Join us for a great time and meeting new folks from around the Gulf Coast AI community!

Sigrid Passano Hellan · Tiffany Vlaar

[ Room 392 ]

This is an in-person social for early-career researchers wanting to work in the ML & Climate Change research field. The nature of this research area is inherently interdisciplinary and we welcome researchers from different backgrounds and interests. The social offers the opportunity for networking and informal discussion; aiming to both connect people starting out and introducing them to current ML & Climate Change researchers. We will start with an icebreaker bingo, followed by roundtable discussions on different topics, such as how to start interdisciplinary collaborations, finding and working with real-world data, the most impactful/urgent areas of research, and how to find jobs in ML & Climate Change, etc.

Confirmed roundtable moderators: Alex Hernandez-Garcia (Mila), Konstantin Klemmer (Microsoft Research New England and Climate Change AI), Anna Kwa (Allen Institute for AI), Alexandre Lacoste (ServiceNow), Mélisande Teng (Mila), and Bianca Zadrozny (IBM Research).

Amina Abieva

[ Room 394 ]

We’d like to welcome participants to discuss how to build ML systems immune to biases, obtain representative datasets, and resolve disagreements among annotators in order to bring out high-quality AI products. We’d like to do that while also empowering digital workers, i.e., getting tangible benefits from improving AI systems through data excellence. We are especially interested in inviting people from different backgrounds and opinions on how imperfect AI systems impact people’s lives and how the training data can be changed to improve the state of affairs.

Robert Laurella · Sebastian Raschka

[ Room 388 ]

The purpose of this Social is to explore and begin eliminating the ostensible barriers between research communities in industry and academia. By inviting NeurIPS participants to attend regardless of their institutional affiliation, employment status, or educational background, our intention is to foster connections and networking opportunities between practitioners who may not otherwise meet through conventional forums. Our discussion will explore the transition from academia to industry (and vice-versa), as well as the fruitful collaborations that follow from dismantling the idea of such transitions altogether.

More information here!

Anoush Najarian

[ Room 395 ]

Join us for 5-minute Ignite talks by women in AI. The idea of Women in AI Ignite Social is based on our experience hosting Ignite sessions at conferences around the world. Everyone is welcome; our speakers are women.

We hosted awesome socials at NeurIPS 2019-21, and would love your support to host one at NeurIPS 2022. To learn more, check out the Twitter moment Women in AI Ignite at NeurIPS 2019, our inaugural year.

Sign-Up Form.

John Dickerson

[ Room 388 ]

"Machine learning is a field without ongoing feuds, without heterogeneity of thought, without competing opinions, and without uncertainty over where the field is and where it is going. We all know this. We all use the same tools, have the same opinion about which libraries are the best, and what tools are best for tracking at train time. Yet, in this social event, we aim to find that rare soul in the AI/ML community with a primarily technical opinion that goes against the status quo, to give them a stage, and to curate engagement with an audience of NeurIPS members. Is symbolic reasoning dead? Who knows – but this discussion sure won’t be. Our goal here is to encourage a lively discussion, while ensuring that the speakers adhere to the NeurIPS Code of Conduct; in particular, by keeping the discussion respectful and professional.

The first half-hour of this social will be a reception, during which the organizers will pass around a sign-up for topics and for participants. We will ensure that the mic is accessible to everyone who wishes to participate, and we will aim for a diverse range of ideas, perspectives, and demographics. Then, we will have several rounds …

Nicole Bannon

[ Room 392 ]

"Join the team at Rora and 81cents, to get the tools, information, and data you need to negotiate your next offer in AI more confidently. 

Some of the topics we'll cover in a 1.5 hr. period (with 1/2 an hour for Q&A) are:

- Understanding the fundamentals of compensation in tech (particularly around equity, bonus structures, etc.)
- How to get over your fears of negotiating
- How to decide which company / offer is right for you 
- How to negotiate without counter offers and without knowing ""market value""
- How to respond to pushback from recruiters and other guilt tripping / lowballing /pressure tactics
- How to avoid having an offer rescinded
- How to negotiate deadline of an offer
- Walking through a timeline of the negotiation process for a new offer"

Patrick Perrine · Jose Mierzejewski

[ Room 395 ]

Given the many disciplines that encompass ML/DL, it is important that we as researchers better understand academics with differing backgrounds than our own to produce valued contributions. In this in-person 2-hour social, we pair participants together based on differing levels of experience in related disciplines of ML/DL. These pairings would be determined by having participants write their domain of experience on a nametag, then asking participants to find and chat with another person with differing experience. For example, suppose Researcher A identifies as being highly experienced in Neuroscience but has little to no experience in Semi-Supervised Learning. Researcher A could then be paired with Researcher B, who has a great background in Semi-Supervised Learning but has had no exposure to Neuroscience. These interactions could allow us to form better connections across disciplines and build a better understanding of the vast landscape of ML/DL.

If you attended our social, please fill out this feedback form:

Jimin Lee

[ Room 391 ]

Korean wave (aka K-wave or Hanryu) has become popular and familiar with global people. In particular, K-pop such as Butter and Gangnam-style and artists such as BTS and Blackpink are greatly loved by many global people around the world. We'd like to welcome researchers who love K-pop in NeurIPS to our social "K-pop in NeurIPS". We'd like to gather together and share our favorite K-pop, artists, and our special experiences related to K-pop. We expect that our Social would be an opportunity for researchers in NeurIPS around the world to become more intimate.

Anoush Najarian

[ Room 393 ]

We’d love to come together for an un-bookclub at NeurIPS 2022. We’ve been learning a lot in the cross-continental book club out of the book Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law.

We’d love to give you the gift of connection, conversation, and reflection the author and disability rights lawyer Haben Girma gave us. We ask participants to watch Haben's powerful talk at the US National Book Festival in preparation.

Join us for a discussion on accessibility and intersectionality, and the roles and responsibilities of the machine learning research community in building a world where disabled people thrive.

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Mementor Beta

The Mementor portal should help us scheduling spontaneous virtual mentor sessions during NeurIPS and beyond. Our goal is to enable mentorship opportunities for researchers in machine learning, both as mentors and mentees, with a special focus on under-represented minorities.

Our initial goal is to provide a platform to support conversations between mentors and mentees. The mode of operation initially will be a “lighter” version, where a mentor, at a time of their convenience, has a video call, which everybody willing as a mentee can join. No person-to-person commitment.

The mentorship session serves as a platform to share experiences. These could be technical and research related (e.g., research topics and technical discussions), or could be about scientific communication (e.g., paper writing, presentation, networking), or could also be mental health, burnouts, work ethics, PhD life etc. The goal is to facilitate sharing of experiences between members of the community which would not happen otherwise.

Note: The mentorship sessions are not a platform for self-promotion or promotion of products.