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NIPS 2010

Mon Dec 6th through Sat the 11th
Hyatt Regency, Vancouver CANADA

2010 Overview

You are invited to participate in the Twenty-Fourth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, which is the premier scientific meeting on Neural Computation.


Online Videos

A special symposium was held in memory of Sam Roweis.

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Peter Bühlmann, ETH Zurich; Dana Ballard, UT Austin; Stephen Wright, UW Madison; Nathaniel Daw, New York U; Stefano Soatto, UCLA; Peter Hoff, U of Washington.


Air Force, Microsoft, Artificial Intelligence Journal, Google, IBM, Pascal, Brain Products, Two Sigma, Toyota, DE Shaw, Yahoo, Intel, Mitacs, Machine Learning

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NIPS 2010 Poster

The Twenty-fourth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) is a single-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that includes invited talks, demonstrations and oral and poster presentations of refereed papers.