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Negotiation Workshop: Feel More Confident Negotiating Your Next Offer in AI

Nicole Bannon

Room 392


"Join the team at Rora and 81cents, to get the tools, information, and data you need to negotiate your next offer in AI more confidently. 

Some of the topics we'll cover in a 1.5 hr. period (with 1/2 an hour for Q&A) are:

- Understanding the fundamentals of compensation in tech (particularly around equity, bonus structures, etc.)
- How to get over your fears of negotiating
- How to decide which company / offer is right for you 
- How to negotiate without counter offers and without knowing ""market value""
- How to respond to pushback from recruiters and other guilt tripping / lowballing /pressure tactics
- How to avoid having an offer rescinded
- How to negotiate deadline of an offer
- Walking through a timeline of the negotiation process for a new offer"

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