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Invited Talk (Posner Lecture)
Tue Dec 13 12:30 AM -- 01:20 AM (PST)
Learning About Sensorimotor Data
Richard Sutton
Invited Talk
Tue Dec 13 07:00 AM -- 07:50 AM (PST)
Sparsity: algorithms, approximations, and analysis
Anna Gilbert
Invited Talk (Posner Lecture)
Wed Dec 14 12:30 AM -- 01:20 AM (PST)
From kernels to causal inference
Bernhard Schölkopf
Invited Talk
Wed Dec 14 07:00 AM -- 07:50 AM (PST)
Natural Algorithms
Bernard Chazelle
Invited Talk
Thu Dec 15 12:30 AM -- 01:20 AM (PST)
The Neuronal Replicator Hypothesis: Novel Mechanisms for Information Transfer and Search in the Brain
Eörs Szathmáry · Chrisantha Fernando
Invited Talk
Thu Dec 15 03:00 AM -- 03:50 AM (PST)
Diversity in an Olfactory Network
Gilles Laurent