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Funding Transparency Statement


Authors of accepted papers are required to include an explicit disclosure of funding which could create a conflict of interest. The information will not be visible to reviewers and ACs, to preserve double blind reviewing. At camera ready time, authors are instructed to add the information explicitly in their camera ready version.

Please identify any Funding and Conflicts of Interest that fall into the following categories:

1. Funding (financial activities supporting the submitted work):

In order to pursue the work that you submitted to NeurIPS, did any of the authors receive third party funding or third party support during the last 36 months prior to this submission? This question refers to any aspect of the submitted work, including but not limited to personal funding, data collection, data evaluation, computing hardware, cloud computing services, or programming support. Examples could be grants by a government agency, stipends or donations by a commercial sponsor, a private foundation or a charity.

Please list all such funding sources.

Example: Funding in direct support of this work: NSF grant XXX, GPUs donated by YYY, scholarship by Company ZZZ.


2. Competing Interests (financial activities outside the submitted work):

Did any of the authors have financial relationships with entities that could potentially be perceived to influence what you wrote in the submitted work, during the last 36 months prior to this submission? You should disclose interactions with any entity that could be considered broadly relevant to the work, even if the funding was not used to support the submitted work, and regardless of the amount of compensation. Examples could be engagements with commercial companies or startups (sabbaticals, employments, stipends), honorariums, donations of hardware or cloud computing services.

Please list all sources of revenue paid or promised to be paid.

Example: Additional revenues related to this work: Sabbatical at Company Y; Part time employment with Company Z; Honorarium for lectures by Charity X; Honorarium as Member of the Advisory Board of Startup C; Travel support by Foundation A; hardware donations by Company B.