AV Information for NIPS 2017 at Long Beach Convention Center

All projectors will have hdmi and vga inputs. Users are responsible to bring their own adapters. Hall A and C will have Video switchers to make switching between presenters fast.

NIPS does not provide a laser pointer. Please bring your own. 

Here are the screen sized for NIPS. All are wide-screen (16:9) the same as HD TV:

Hall A and C
4 @ 13.6' x 24'

Grand Ballroom
2 @ 12' x 21.4';

Rooms 101a, 101b, 102c, 103c, 201a,201b, 20004, S1, S7
6.6' x 13.4'

Rooms102ab, 103ab, 104a, 104b, 104c,, 202,203
9' x 16'

10.6' x 18.8'