NIPS 2006
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Grounding Perception, Knowledge and Cognition in Sensori-Motor Experience

Michael James · David Wingate · Brian Tanner

Alpine A-B

Understanding how world knowledge can be grounded in sensori-motor experience has been a long-standing goal of philosophy, psychology, and artificial intelligence. So far this goal has remained distant, but recent progress in machine learning, cognitive science, neuroscience, engineering, and other fields seems to bring nearer the possibility of addressing it productively. The objective of this workshop is to provide cross-fertilization of ideas between diverse research communities interested in this subject. The workshop will be comprised of invited talks by 5-6 of the top people from a variety of disciplines related to experience based knowledge representations. The speakers will share their area-specific knowledge and understanding of these issues with the workshop attendees. The workshop will conclude with a poster session populated with work submitted by the community at large.

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