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Workshop: Learning in the Presence of Strategic Behavior


Chara Podimata · Song Zuo · Zhe Feng · Anthony Kim

  1. Strategyproof Linear Regression. Yiling Chen, Chara Podimata and Nisarg Shah

  2. Incentive-Aware Learning for Large Markets. Mohammad Mahdian, Vahab Mirrokni and Song Zuo.

  3. Learning to Bid Without Knowing Your Value. Zhe Feng, Chara Podimata and Vasilis Syrgkanis.

  4. Budget Management Strategies in Repeated Auctions. Uniqueness and Stability of System Equilibria. Santiago Balseiro, Anthony Kim, Mohammad Mahdian and Vahab Mirrokni.

  5. Dynamic Second Price Auctions with Low Regret. Vahab Mirrokni, Renato Paes Leme, Rita Ren and Song Zuo.

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