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Multiple talks
Workshop: OPT2020: Optimization for Machine Learning

Contributed talks in Session 4 (Zoom)

Quanquan Gu · sanae lotfi · Charles Guille-Escuret · Tolga Ergen · Dongruo Zhou


Join us to hear some new, exciting work at the intersection of optimization and ML. Come and ask questions and join the discussion.

Speakers: Tolga Ergen, "Convex Programs for Global Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks in Polynomial-Time" Charles Guille-Escuret, "A Study of Condition Numbers for First-Order Optimization" Lewis Liu, "Affine-Invariant Analysis of Frank-Wolfe on Strongly Convex Sets" Sanae Lotfi, "Stochastic Damped L-BFGS with controlled norm of the Hessian approximation" Dongruo Zhou, "On the Convergence of Adaptive Gradient Methods for Nonconvex Optimization"

You can find a video on the NeurIPS website where the speakers discuss in detail their paper.