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Invited Talk with live questions
Workshop: Algorithmic Fairness through the Lens of Causality and Interpretability

Invited Talk: On Prediction, Action and Interference

Ricardo Silva


Ultimately, we want the world to be less unfair by changing it. Just making fair passive predictions is not enough, so our decisions will eventually have an effect on how a societal system works. We will discuss ways of modelling hypothetical interventions so that particular measures of counterfactual fairness are respected: that is, how are sensitivity attributes interacting with our actions to cause an unfair distribution outcomes, and that being the case how do we mitigate such uneven impacts within the space of feasible actions? To make matters even harder, interference is likely: what happens to one individual may affect another. We will discuss how to express assumptions about and consequences of such causative factors for fair policy making, accepting that this is a daunting task but that we owe the public an explanation of our reasoning. Joint work with Matt Kusner, Chris Russell and Joshua Loftus