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Workshop: Machine Learning for the Developing World (ML4D): Improving Resilience

Poster Presentation at Gather.Town

  1. The Challenge of Diacritics in Yoruba Embeddings [Adewumi]
  2. Combining Twitter and Earth Observation Data for Local Poverty Mapping [Kondmann, Häberle, and Zhu] Hi-UCD: A Large-scale Dataset for Urban Semantic Change Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery [Tian, Zheng, Ma, and Zhong]
  3. Application of Convolutional Neural Networks in Food Resource Assessment [Muhammad Shakaib Iqbal, Talha Iqbal, and Hazrat Ali]
  4. Incorporating Healthcare Motivated Constraints in Restless Bandit Based Resource Allocation [Prins, Mate, Killian, Abebe, and Tambe]
  5. Unsupervised learning for economic risk evaluation in the context of Covid-19 pandemic [Cortes and Quintero]
  6. Assessing the use of transaction and location based insights derived from Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) as near real time “sensing” systems of economic shocks [Dhar Burra and Lokanathan]
  7. Who is more ready to get back in shape? [Idzalika]
  8. Poor Man's Data in AI4SG [Sambasivan, Kapania, Highfill, Akrong, Olson, Paritosh, and Aroyo]
  9. Explainable Poverty Mapping using Social Media Data, Satellite Images, and Geospatial Information [Ledesma, Garonita, Flores, Tingzon, and Dalisay]
  10. Assessing the Quality of Gridded Population Data for Quantifying the Population Living in Deprived Communities [Mattos, McArdle, and Berlotto]
  11. Automated and interpretable m-health discrimination of vocal cord pathology enabled by machine learning [Seedat, Aharonson, and Hamzany]
  12. Inferring High Spatiotemporal Air Quality Index - A Study in Bangkok [Muhammad Rizal Khaefi]
  13. Learning drivers of climate-induced human migrations with Gaussian processes [Camps-Valls, Guillem, and Tarraga]
  14. Localization of Malaria Parasites and White Blood Cells in Thick Blood Smears [Nakasi, Mwebaze, Zawedde,Tusubira, and Maiga]
  15. Detection of Malaria Vector Breeding Habitats using Topographic Models [Aishwarya N Jadhav]
  16. Enhancing Poaching Predictions for Under-Resourced Wildlife Conservation Parks Using Remote Sensing Imagery [Guo, Xu, and Tambe]
  17. I Spy With My Electricity Eye: Predicting levels of electricity consumption for residential buildings in Kenya from satellite imagery. [Fobi, Taneja, and Modi]
  18. Bandit Data-driven Optimization: AI for Social Good and Beyond [Shi, Wu, Ghani, and Fang]
  19. Accurate and Scalable Matching of Translators to Displaced Persons for Overcoming Language Barriers [Agarwal, Baba, Sachdeva, Tandon, Vetterli, and Alghunaim]
  20. Crowd-Sourced Road Quality Mapping in the Developing World [Choi and Kamalu]
  21. Learning Explainable Interventions to Mitigate HIV Transmission in Sex Workers Across Five States in India [Awasthi, Patel, Joshi, Karkal, and Sethi]
  22. Deep Learning Towards Efficiency Malaria Dataset Creation [Waigama, Shaka, Apina, Ngatunga, Mmaka, and Maneno]