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Workshop: Meta-Learning

Flexible Dataset Distillation: Learn Labels Instead of Images

Ondrej Bohdal


We study the problem of dataset distillation - creating a small set of synthetic examples capable of training a good model. In particular, we study the problem of label distillation - creating synthetic labels for a small set of real images, and show it to be more effective than the prior image-based approach to dataset distillation. Methodologically, we introduce a more robust and flexible meta-learning algorithm for distillation, as well as an effective first-order strategy based on convex optimization layers. Distilling labels with our new algorithm leads to improved results over prior image-based distillation. More importantly, it leads to clear improvements in flexibility of the distilled dataset in terms of compatibility with off-the-shelf optimizers and diverse neural architectures. Interestingly, label distillation can be applied across datasets, for example enabling learning Japanese character recognition by training only on synthetically labeled English letters.

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