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Expo Workshop: DAQA – Domain Adaptation and Question Answering

An introduction to transfer learning in NLP and HuggingFace

Thomas Wolf


In this talk I'll start by introducing the recent breakthroughs in NLP that resulted from the combination of Transfer Learning schemes and Transformer architectures. The second part of the talk will be dedicated to an introduction of the open-source tools released by HuggingFace, in particular our Transformers, Tokenizers and Datasets libraries and our models.

Thomas Wolf is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of HuggingFace. His team is on a mission to advance and democratize NLP for everyone. Prior to HuggingFace, Thomas gained a Ph.D. in quantum physics, and later a law degree. He worked as a European Patent Attorney for 5years. About HuggingFace: HuggingFace is doing open-research and open-source in the field of NLP, creating popular open-source platforms for NLP developers and researchers to use, build, and study state-of-the-art natural language processing technologies including text classification, information extraction, summarization, text generation, and conversational artificial intelligence. .