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Position-based Scaled Gradient for Model Quantization and Pruning

Jangho Kim · KiYoon Yoo · Nojun Kwak

Poster Session 0 #141

Keywords: [ Applications ] [ Health ] [ Visualization or Exposition Techniques for Deep Networks ] [ Algorithms -> Multitask and Transfer Learning; Deep Learning ]


We propose the position-based scaled gradient (PSG) that scales the gradient depending on the position of a weight vector to make it more compression-friendly. First, we theoretically show that applying PSG to the standard gradient descent (GD), which is called PSGD, is equivalent to the GD in the warped weight space, a space made by warping the original weight space via an appropriately designed invertible function. Second, we empirically show that PSG acting as a regularizer to a weight vector is favorable for model compression domains such as quantization and pruning. PSG reduces the gap between the weight distributions of a full-precision model and its compressed counterpart. This enables the versatile deployment of a model either as an uncompressed mode or as a compressed mode depending on the availability of resources. The experimental results on CIFAR-10/100 and ImageNet datasets show the effectiveness of the proposed PSG in both domains of pruning and quantization even for extremely low bits. The code is released in Github.

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