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Robust compressed sensing using generative models

Ajil Jalal · Liu Liu · Alex Dimakis · Constantine Caramanis

Poster Session 0 #68

Keywords: [ Neuroscience and Cognitive Science ] [ Neuroscience ] [ Neural Coding ]

Abstract: We consider estimating a high dimensional signal in $\R^n$ using a sublinear number of linear measurements. In analogy to classical compressed sensing, here we assume a generative model as a prior, that is, we assume the signal is represented by a deep generative model $G: \R^k \rightarrow \R^n$. Classical recovery approaches such as empirical risk minimization (ERM) are guaranteed to succeed when the measurement matrix is sub-Gaussian. However, when the measurement matrix and measurements are heavy tailed or have outliers, recovery may fail dramatically. In this paper we propose an algorithm inspired by the Median-of-Means (MOM). Our algorithm guarantees recovery for heavy tailed data, even in the presence of outliers. Theoretically, our results show our novel MOM-based algorithm enjoys the same sample complexity guarantees as ERM under sub-Gaussian assumptions. Our experiments validate both aspects of our claims: other algorithms are indeed fragile and fail under heavy tailed and/or corrupted data, while our approach exhibits the predicted robustness.

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