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One-sample Guided Object Representation Disassembling

Zunlei Feng · Yongming He · Xinchao Wang · Xin Gao · Jie Lei · Cheng Jin · Mingli Song

Poster Session 0 #30

Keywords: [ Deep Learning ] [ Efficient Inference Methods ] [ Deep Learning ]


The ability to disassemble the features of objects and background is crucial for many machine learning tasks, including image classification, image editing, visual concepts learning, and so on. However, existing (semi-)supervised methods all need a large amount of annotated samples, while unsupervised methods can't handle real-world images with complicated backgrounds. In this paper, we introduce the One-sample Guided Object Representation Disassembling (One-GORD) method, which only requires one annotated sample for each object category to learn disassembled object representation from unannotated images. For the annotated one-sample, we first adopt some data augmentation strategies to generate some synthetic samples, which can guide the disassembling of the object features and background features. For the unannotated images, two self-supervised mechanisms: dual-swapping and fuzzy classification are introduced to disassemble object features from the background with the guidance of annotated one-sample. What's more, we devise two metrics to evaluate the disassembling performance from the perspective of representation and image, respectively. Experiments demonstrate that the One-GORD achieves competitive dissembling performance and can handle natural scenes with complicated backgrounds.

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