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Generating Correct Answers for Progressive Matrices Intelligence Tests

Niv Pekar · Yaniv Benny · Lior Wolf

Poster Session 3 #929


Raven’s Progressive Matrices are multiple-choice intelligence tests, where one tries to complete the missing location in a 3x3 grid of abstract images. Previous attempts to address this test have focused solely on selecting the right answer out of the multiple choices. In this work, we focus, instead, on generating a correct answer given the grid, which is a harder task, by definition. The proposed neural model combines multiple advances in generative models, including employing multiple pathways through the same network, using the reparameterization trick along two pathways to make their encoding compatible, a selective application of variational losses, and a complex perceptual loss that is coupled with a selective backpropagation procedure. Our algorithm is able not only to generate a set of plausible answers but also to be competitive to the state of the art methods in multiple-choice tests.

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