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Stochastic Deep Gaussian Processes over Graphs

Naiqi Li · Wenjie Li · Jifeng Sun · Yinghua Gao · Yong Jiang · Shu-Tao Xia

Poster Session 2 #729


In this paper we propose Stochastic Deep Gaussian Processes over Graphs (DGPG), which are deep structure models that learn the mappings between input and output signals in graph domains. The approximate posterior distributions of the latent variables are derived with variational inference, and the evidence lower bound is evaluated and optimized by the proposed recursive sampling scheme. The Bayesian non-parametric natural of our model allows it to resist overfitting, while the expressive deep structure grants it the potential to learn complex relations. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method achieves superior performances in both small size (< 50) and large size (> 35,000) datasets. We show that DGPG outperforms another Gaussian-based approach, and is competitive to a state-of-the-art method in the challenging task of traffic flow prediction. Our model is also capable of capturing uncertainties in a mathematical principled way and automatically discovering which vertices and features are relevant to the prediction.

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