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Dense Correspondences between Human Bodies via Learning Transformation Synchronization on Graphs

Xiangru Huang · Haitao Yang · Etienne Vouga · Qixing Huang

Poster Session 1 #485


We introduce an approach for establishing dense correspondences between partial scans of human models and a complete template model. Our approach's key novelty lies in formulating dense correspondence computation as initializing and synchronizing local transformations between the scan and the template model. We introduce an optimization formulation for synchronizing transformations among a graph of the input scan, which automatically enforces smoothness of correspondences and recovers the underlying articulated deformations. We then show how to convert the iterative optimization procedure among a graph of the input scan into an end-to-end trainable network. The network design utilizes additional trainable parameters to break the barrier of the original optimization formulation's exact and robust recovery conditions. Experimental results on benchmark datasets demonstrate that our approach considerably outperforms baseline approaches in accuracy and robustness.

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