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Unsupervised Learning of Object Landmarks via Self-Training Correspondence

Dimitrios Mallis · Enrique Sanchez · Matthew Bell · Georgios Tzimiropoulos

Poster Session 4 #1313

Keywords: [ Applications ] [ Privacy, Anonymity, and Security ] [ Algorithms ] [ Adversarial Learning ]


This paper addresses the problem of unsupervised discovery of object landmarks. We take a different path compared to existing works, based on 2 novel perspectives: (1) Self-training: starting from generic keypoints, we propose a self-training approach where the goal is to learn a detector that improves itself, becoming more and more tuned to object landmarks. (2) Correspondence: we identify correspondence as a key objective for unsupervised landmark discovery and propose an optimization scheme which alternates between recovering object landmark correspondence across different images via clustering and learning an object landmark descriptor without labels. Compared to previous works, our approach can learn landmarks that are more flexible in terms of capturing large changes in viewpoint. We show the favourable properties of our method on a variety of difficult datasets including LS3D, BBCPose and Human3.6M. Code is available at

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