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Dynamic Fusion of Eye Movement Data and Verbal Narrations in Knowledge-rich Domains

Ervine Zheng · Qi Yu · Rui Li · Pengcheng Shi · Anne Haake

Poster Session 3 #975


We propose to jointly analyze experts' eye movements and verbal narrations to discover important and interpretable knowledge patterns to better understand their decision-making processes. The discovered patterns can further enhance data-driven statistical models by fusing experts' domain knowledge to support complex human-machine collaborative decision-making. Our key contribution is a novel dynamic Bayesian nonparametric model that assigns latent knowledge patterns into key phases involved in complex decision-making. Each phase is characterized by a unique distribution of word topics discovered from verbal narrations and their dynamic interactions with eye movement patterns, indicating experts' special perceptual behavior within a given decision-making stage. A new split-merge-switch sampler is developed to efficiently explore the posterior state space with an improved mixing rate. Case studies on diagnostic error prediction and disease morphology categorization help demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model and discovered knowledge patterns.

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