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Canonical 3D Deformer Maps: Unifying parametric and non-parametric methods for dense weakly-supervised category reconstruction

David Novotny · Roman Shapovalov · Andrea Vedaldi

Poster Session 1 #487


We propose the Canonical 3D Deformer Map, a new representation of the 3D shape of common object categories that can be learned from a collection of 2D images of independent objects. Our method builds in a novel way on concepts from parametric deformation models, non-parametric 3D reconstruction, and canonical embeddings, combining their individual advantages. In particular, it learns to associate each image pixel with a deformation model of the corresponding 3D object point which is canonical, i.e. intrinsic to the identity of the point and shared across objects of the category. The result is a method that, given only sparse 2D supervision at training time, can, at test time, reconstruct the 3D shape and texture of objects from single views, while establishing meaningful dense correspondences between object instances. It also achieves state-of-the-art results in dense 3D reconstruction on public in-the-wild datasets of faces, cars, and birds.

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