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Convex optimization based on global lower second-order models

Nikita Doikov · Yurii Nesterov

Poster Session 3 #1058

Abstract: In this work, we present new second-order algorithms for composite convex optimization, called Contracting-domain Newton methods. These algorithms are affine-invariant and based on global second-order lower approximation for the smooth component of the objective. Our approach has an interpretation both as a second-order generalization of the conditional gradient method, or as a variant of trust-region scheme. Under the assumption, that the problem domain is bounded, we prove $O(1/k^2)$ global rate of convergence in functional residual, where $k$ is the iteration counter, minimizing convex functions with Lipschitz continuous Hessian. This significantly improves the previously known bound $O(1/k)$ for this type of algorithms. Additionally, we propose a stochastic extension of our method, and present computational results for solving empirical risk minimization problem.

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