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Adversarial Attacks on Deep Graph Matching

Zijie Zhang · Zeru Zhang · Yang Zhou · Yelong Shen · Ruoming Jin · Dejing Dou

Poster Session 0 #121


Despite achieving remarkable performance, deep graph learning models, such as node classification and network embedding, suffer from harassment caused by small adversarial perturbations. However, the vulnerability analysis of graph matching under adversarial attacks has not been fully investigated yet. This paper proposes an adversarial attack model with two novel attack techniques to perturb the graph structure and degrade the quality of deep graph matching: (1) a kernel density estimation approach is utilized to estimate and maximize node densities to derive imperceptible perturbations, by pushing attacked nodes to dense regions in two graphs, such that they are indistinguishable from many neighbors; and (2) a meta learning-based projected gradient descent method is developed to well choose attack starting points and to improve the search performance for producing effective perturbations. We evaluate the effectiveness of the attack model on real datasets and validate that the attacks can be transferable to other graph learning models.

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