A Decemberfest on Trustworthy AI Research - An overview and panel discussion with virtual drinks and Bretzels

Vanessa Faber · Hendrik Strobelt

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Tue 8 Dec noon PST — 2 p.m. PST


What do we mean by Trust in AI? Why does it matter? What influence can technology have in building trust? These and further questions will be addressed during the two-part gathering for interested attendees. The event will start with a block of elevator pitches on the topic of Trustworthy AI held by researchers of the German Network of National Centres of Excellence for AI Research in collaboration with international partners. This will then lead to the second part, a panel and audience discussion focused on central questions regarding Trustworthy AI. In addition to this semi-formal program a social gathering space with topical corners but also just hang-out space will give the opportunity for a social get-together.

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