Equity and Ethics in AI from the Perspective of Black Women in AI/STEM

Louvere Walker-Hannon

[ Abstract ]
Tue 8 Dec 2 p.m. PST — 4 p.m. PST


AI is all around us but not created by all of us which connects to bias in AI. AI tends to be created by individuals that are not representative of several groups in society. Women of Color, especially Black women, are underrepresented in AI related fields of study and careers. This topic is also crucial to the ongoing discussions regarding how to address bias in AI. Equity and ethics in AI are also important topics that are connected to addressing bias in AI. One recommendation to address this bias is to actively provide opportunities to increase the representation of underrepresented groups. This social will identify methods and techniques that Black women who study AI and/or have pursued AI practitioner/developer/etc careers have explored or suggested to address equity and ethics in AI. Black Women who study/have studied/work in roles where AI is developed plan to lead discussions to address equity and ethics from their perspectives related to AI. Some of the discussion starters for this session that will be used are: how many Black women do audience members know in an AI/STEM program of study or career? have you spoken to any Black woman about her journey to an AI or STEM program of study or career? These questions would be used to frame other topics to discuss during the session. Notes will be taken by the team members connected to this social during discussions. These notes will be distributed by asking participants to provide their names and email addresses in a Google form. After the completion of this session follow-up meetings will be encouraged to continue with some of the suggested next steps from the discussions.

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