AI for Geospatial Social

Andrew Macdonald

[ Abstract ]
Wed 9 Dec 2 p.m. PST — 4 p.m. PST


Geospatial data is vital to understanding our world and humanity’s place in it. The latest Artificial Intelligence techniques form a crucial component in turning geospatial data into information that can be used to combat climate change, respond to natural disasters, protect endangered species, grow better crops, protect our oceans, and revolutionize transport. The AI for Geospatial social serves as a way for attendees from different fields that may not interact during the workshops or main sessions to get to know one another and collaborate in an informal setting. Themed breakout rooms and icebreakers (trivia sessions with prizes) will facilitate an engaging experience and provide an opportunity to learn something both about geospatial analytics and some of its lesser known pioneers.

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