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Deep Learning through Information Geometry

Pratik Chaudhari · Alexander Alemi · Varun Jog · Dhagash Mehta · Frank Nielsen · Stefano Soatto · Greg Ver Steeg

Attempts at understanding deep learning have come from different disciplines, namely physics, statistics, information theory, and machine learning. These lines of investigation have very different modeling assumptions and techniques; it is unclear how their results may be reconciled together. This workshop builds upon the observation that Information Geometry has strong overlaps with these directions and may serve as a means to develop a holistic understanding of deep learning. The workshop program is designed to answer two specific questions. The first question is: how do geometry of the hypothesis class and information-theoretic properties of optimization inform generalization. Good datasets have been a key propeller of the empirical success of deep networks. Our theoretical understanding of data is however poor. The second question the workshop will focus on is: how can we model data and use the understanding of data to improve optimization/generalization in the low-data regime.

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