NeurIPS 2020
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ML Retrospectives, Surveys & Meta-Analyses (ML-RSA)

Chhavi Yadav · Prabhu Pradhan · Jesse Dodge · Mayoore Jaiswal · Peter Henderson · Abhishek Gupta · Ryan Lowe · Jessica Forde · Joelle Pineau

The exponential growth of AI research has led to several papers floating on arxiv, making it difficult to review existing literature. Despite the huge demand, the proportion of survey & analyses papers published is very low due to reasons like lack of a venue and incentives. Our Workshop, ML-RSA provides a platform and incentivizes writing such types of papers. It meets the need of taking a step back, looking at the sub-field as a whole and evaluating actual progress. We will accept 3 types of papers: broad survey papers, meta-analyses, and retrospectives. Survey papers will mention and cluster different types of approaches, provide pros and cons, highlight good source code implementations, applications and emphasize impactful literature. We expect this type of paper to provide a detailed investigation of the techniques and link together themes across multiple works. The main aim of these will be to organize techniques and lower the barrier to entry for newcomers. Meta-Analyses, on the other hand, are forward-looking, aimed at providing critical insights on the current state-of-affairs of a sub-field and propose new directions based on them. These are expected to be more than just an ablation study -- though an empirical analysis is encouraged as it can provide for a stronger narrative. Ideally, they will seek to showcase trends that are not possible to be seen when looking at individual papers. Finally, retrospectives seek to provide further insights ex post by the authors of a paper: these could be technical, insights into the research process, or other helpful information that isn’t apparent from the original work.

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