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Competition: Competition Track Day 4: Overviews + Breakout Sessions

Multimodal Single-Cell Data Integration + Q&A

Daniel Burkhardt · Smita Krishnaswamy · Malte Luecken · Debora Marks · Angela Pisco · Bastian Rieck · Jian Tang · Alexander Tong · Fabian Theis · Guy Wolf


Scaling from a dozen cells a decade ago to millions of cells today, single-cell measurement technologies are driving a revolution in the life sciences. Recent advances make it possible to measure multiple high-dimensional modalities (e.g. DNA accessibility, RNA, and proteins) simultaneously in the same cell. This data provides, for the first time, a direct and comprehensive view into the layers of gene regulation that drive biological diversity and disease. In this competition, we present three critical tasks on multimodal single-cell data using public datasets and a first-of-its-kind multi-omics benchmarking dataset. Teams will predict one modality from another and learn representations of multiple modalities measured in the same cells. Progress will elucidate how a common genetic blueprint gives rise to distinct cell types and processes, as a foundation for improving human health.